In recognition of our role towards our employees and customers and keeping in sync with the needs of our community, environment and nation ,we provide the best quality medicine and services. We make optimum use of research, technology, systems, policies and practices to ensure high standards of quality of our products.

We give a lot of importance to the quality of our API( s) and formulation. The assurance of quality standards in our product stem from the use of superior quality of raw material.

We select ISO certified manufactures with a long market standing for raw material .The raw materials are duly put to test before being used for manufacturing products. These raw materials are then processed in our modern plants using Inert Materials e.g. SS-316L & PP to avoid any contamination. Manufacturing is under supervision of qualified, experienced and trained personnel who maintain proper conditions for obtaining the desired quality.

The manufacturing process is monitored by in process controls. When the process of manufacture is completed, the products are quarantined from where samples are drawn and thoroughly tested. The products are finally packed, labeled and moved to finished goods store. The Certificates of Analysis are provided to customers.