Environment Policy

Environment, Health & Safety (EHS)

Our business practices are rooted in responsibility as a core value .We aim to provide our employees with a safe and healthy work environment .We maintain sustainability by ensuring compliance with applicable health and safety laws. The company has a holistic approach towards understanding and managing various verticals across product life cycles. The processes are defined keeping the importance of EHS as a corporate culture within the organization which ensures health hazards are minimized at the time of production

Safeguarding Employees

Indus has education, training and motivation of colleagues inherent in its value statement. We embrace employee safety programs in full compliance with legal requirement. Myriad measures to prevent workers from succumbing to incidents/accidents and developing work related diseases include:

  • ¬†Trainings of safety beyond the premises- safety at home and road safety provided to all employees.
  • 24 hrs ambulance facility for the employees and in-house dispensary to cater to emergencies.
  • Fire drill carried out each month and sufficient water tapped in fire hydrant to fight any unfortunate fire possibility.
  • Disaster management committee has been put in place to look into contingency till help can be reached
  • Basic First aid and CPR training by qualified doctor is conducted

Health & Safety

Health and safety performance are epitomized at Indus . We aim to achieve the highest international standards in plant design, equipment selection ,and maintainance of operations. Periodic and preventive maintainance of Boilers , generators,, internal and external inspections and audit are of highest quality that ensure nil discharge. The plant is designed with Zero discharge policy and proper disposal of solid waste.

A proper system of waste management exists for Recyclable & Bio-Degradable waste. Indus has an systemized process for disposal of factory waste as listed below:

(A) Establishment of STP/ETP for water recycling.
(B) Complete water management to ensure zero discharge.
(C) Rain water harvesting pit for saving and reserve of rain water.
(D) 50% green area maintained in factory premises.
(E) factory as per green building code

The company has an abiding concern to reduce its carbon foot print. Several voluntary environmental initiatives include:

  • More number of trees/sq meter than advised by RIICO.
  • Afforestation drive
  • Supports several development schemes, road passenger amenities, road side greenery, police booths and employee economic development amenities.