Indus has two manufacturing facilities complying GMP and ISO 9000 certifications. The manufacturing and quality control facility are fully equipped to manufacture

  • Liquid Parenteral in ampoules
  • Liquid Parenteral in vials
  • Eye / Ear Drops
  • Lotion (Topical Solution) in bottles
  • Topical Ointment in Alluminium Tubes
  • Bulk Drugs

Plant Details

Area New Delhi

Total Plot 2800 sqft
Built up Area 9600 sqft

Area Ghiloth, Rajasthan

Total Plot 107640 sqft
Built up Area 64800 sqft

Capacity single shift a day

Ampoules 12.5 million units per month
Vials 2.5 million units per month
API 2.5 ton per month